To know you have enough
 is to be rich.

~ Lao Tzu

International Relief Services

Here's What We Know....and What We're About

In practically every community in the U.S., there is an abundance of items that are either surplus or no longer in use.  These same items are woefully needed in developing countries and frequently mean the difference between life or death, hope or despair, progress or a continued cycle of poverty.

So what are we talking about? …a few pairs of old sneakers? ….a rusty bicycle?....a discarded yoga mat?

On the contrary!   One prime example of what’s available for donation in most every U.S. community is medical equipment and furnishings.   Healthcare facilities purchase new equipment to keep up with technological advances.   But the retired equipment, still in excellent condition and far from exhausting its utility, may have limited marketability here in the U.S.   Most healthcare facilities welcome the opportunity to donate their retired equipment for use in
needy hospitals and clinics overseas.

Educational institutions replace equipment and desks, businesses upgrade computer systems and the general public buys new clothing as each season changes. Retired medical equipment and supplies, school desks, computers and clothing. These represent the most common items available for donation -- practically everywhere!

Humanitarian groups (including the Rotarian community) all over the U.S. dedicate their time and energy to collecting retired and surplus goods to send to a country in desperate need.  Since inception in 2001, Universal Heart has been providing international shipping insight and logistical assistance to Rotary Clubs, churches, civic groups, and even individuals working alone to fulfill a humanitarian mission.  These groups, individuals and Universal Heart share a common goal: to help improve and save lives by shipping carefully collected items to a community in need overseas.