When the solution is simple,
God is answering.

~ Albert Einstein

International Relief Services


A child in a hospital in
El Salvador is delighted to receive a donated toy.

A woman in Romania is grateful to receive donated eyeglasses.

A boy plays in the water being brought to his rural Central American community from a well dug by a donated water drilling rig.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary
and the extraordinary becomes

Don’t let this straight forward, seemingly simplistic approach to international relief undermine its importance or impact.  And its not to say that all items sent overseas are either retired or surplus; a lot are newly manufactured or recently refurbished.

At the very least, great opportunity exists to help disadvantaged populations in other countries with items no longer in use in our own.  We see how ordinary items such as eyeglasses, a toy, gently worn clothing and shoes become quite extraordinary to their humble recipients.

More sophisticated items such as a fully equipped water drilling rig, fire truck or mobile MRI unit bring profound and lasting change to entire communities.

These items, from the modest to monumental, are providing not only the resources for basic human existence but also helping to build foundations for permanent and lasting improvement to the human condition.

Donated MRI unit, the first and only diagnostic imaging equipment
available to treat the general public (poor) in Honduras.

Donated fire truck shipped to Guatemala where it was immediately
put into service fighting fires in a community that previously
had no fire fighting equipment.