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International Relief Services

Medical Outreach

From asthma to Alzheimer’s, we all share some of the same health concerns for our children, our parents and ourselves. But life in a a developing country means limited or no access to medicines and medical care to combat even the most mild or routine ailments.

To make matters worse, poor nutrition, lack of sanitation, no clean water, and constant exposure to environmental factors such as rains, flooding and insect-born viruses, substantially increase the risk for life-jeopardizing illnesses.

Although one might be fortunate enough to see a doctor at a modest hospital or clinic, most of these facilities have very limited supplies of medications that few can afford.

With the majority of the world’s population living on just a few dollars a week, these meager financial resources are stretched to the very limit to purchase food and necessities for basic human survival.   Needless to say, if by chance medication is available, money to pay for it is simply out of reach of the average person living in a developing country.

Universal Heart has had the extraordinary privilege of being one of a limited number of U.S. organizations that received donated medications direct from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Those precious medications have brought hope, healing and a chance at a better tomorrow to some of the poorest and most life-challenging areas of the world.

An average home for those living in
the rural areas of Central America.

A volunteer doctor treats the Honduran poor and is able to provide UHI donated medications
free of charge

The face of gratitude and international relief.